February 1 to February 28, 2017
28 Day List Building Challenge
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28 Day List Building Challenge
12 List Building Training Videos
  •  Social Media 30 Minute Strategy
  •   What to do With all Those Business Cards
  •  How to use Your Blog to Build Your List 
  •   How to Build Your List with Joint Ventures
  •   5 Ninja Email List Building Strategies 
  •   What Numbers to Track in Your Business 
  •   Using One of Those Annoying Pop-Up Boxes
  •  5 Easy List Building Strategies 
  •  Using Client Mapping 
  •  Effective Newsletters 
  •  Use Challenges & Contests to Build Your List 
  •  How to Create a Webinar That Converts

February 1 - February 28, 2017

28 days of focus on your list building and how to convert those leads into clients.

You get:
12 Step-By-Step List Building Videos
& a Support Group

Why Build Your Email List?
1. Even if you lost everything, you could rebuild your empire with your list.

2. It is an asset of your business that not only makes you $$ but can be sold.

3. 58% of people read email first thing in the morning.

4. Emails hang out in their inbox till they delete them (unlike social media post).

5. 66% of people have bought online as a result of an email marketing message.
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