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Education Bundle for the Business Owner Who Wants to Use Social Media to Find New Clients!
Imagine having a successful social media marketing strategy
that gets your products and services noticed,
not to mention putting $$$ in your checking account.
Many business owners see others using social media to get noticed so they try to duplicate what they see their competitors do
BUT there is a PROBLEM....
1. You don't have the whole story. Just because it looks like what they are doing isn't working, isn't always the whole truth!

2. You are spending hours on social media every day. You are connecting, liking, commenting, sharing, and re-tweeting and what is it getting you? 

3. All your work doesn't seem to be converting into Cash Spending Clients. Why are you wasting your time? 

Once you master the right skills on social media… you can easily rinse and repeat this process to consistently make money in your business.
And I hear it all the time.....

 * People on social media don’t spend money!
 * I don’t want to spend all my spare time talking to people on social media!
 * I could care less what people had for lunch!
 * There is no way to actually track my social media return on investment!
 * I’ve tried it and it just doesn’t work!

30 Day Money Back  Guarantee!
"With over a Billion loyal users, sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest are making it easier for us to find our ideal clients." Michele Mere
"With over a Billion loyal users, sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest are making it easier for us to find our ideal clients." Michele Mere
So why is it still so difficult to get clients from 
your social media efforts? 
So why is it still so difficult to get clients from your social media efforts? 

I get it! 

I know it’s frustrating and I remember my first year in this coaching business and how frustrated I was.

I was spending a lot of time every day on social media and nothing seemed to be happening. I wasn't getting new clients and I definitely wasn't making any money. 

Then one-day things seemed to switch. 
All of a sudden people were responding to my posts, they were signing up for my webinars and they were starting to hire me.

My name is Michele (Scism) Mere and every day I help my clients outline and implement social media and online marketing strategies to grow their lists, find their clients and build leveraged businesses. 
Think about this, when I started Decisive Minds in January of 2010 I was a complete unknown in the Business Coaching industry – I had owned a trucking company for 25 years. 

I had never used social media before for anything more than playing games and talking to my friends.

What I discovered was that social media did not have to be hard or complicated. 

I developed a simple rinse and repeat strategy that not only got me noticed but also got me clients. 

Social Media was the key in being able to bring my own coaching business to six figures in less than 2 years and then to $500,000 in less than 4 years.
And the exciting thing is that my clients have been able to use these same strategies to start making some major money in their businesses too. 

Don't just take it from me - look at what some of my clients are saying.....

From 800 Facebook Fans to 2000 in 3 Months!

“Michele’s advice took me from 800 Facebook fans to 2000 in a mere 3+ months! Plus her strategies have been integral to our engagement rates, which frequently top 10% (industry average is 2%). And she’s so fun to talk to. I can’t wait for my next strategy session with Michele!”
                                                                                                         -Terri Zwierzynski,

I had my 1st ever $18,000 Month!

“After working with Michele to create a package deal for my programs and a social media strategy to promote it, I had my 1st ever $18,000 month and it was December of all months. I can't wait to see what this next year holds."
                                                                                  -Joyce Jagger,
So why isn’t it working for you?
  •     Maybe you don't feel like you have the time to invest in your social media marketing...
  •     You are worried you might do something wrong... 
  •     Maybe you don't feel like you have the strategic ability to create a social media plan that will work..
I know that you are right on the edge of something huge. You simply need “the rest of the social media strategy”
Would you like an easy-to-follow step-by-step system that will get you the attention and new clients you want for your business using social media?

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30 Day Money Back  Guarantee!
What You Get.....

Instagram Planner
The Instagram Planner:
How to Gain Massive Visibility on Instagram
With over 400 million monthly active users, your market is most likely using Instagram (as are your competitors). Use this planner to create a simple community building strategy, design an intentional posting strategy and build the buzz about your brand. With a bonus section on Instagram ads you will have a complete strategy in place.  (Value $197)
Simple Social Media Scheduler
The Simple Social Media Scheduler
A good social media strategy includes timely content (your blogs, videos, podcasts, etc.), other peoples content, inspirational messages and quotes, funny memes and images as well as events and offers. Sounds like a lot, right?  What if you could easily automate the process? With this scheduler you will finally figure out how to automate, design a #hashtag strategy, learn how to promote events and re-purpose old content and much, much more! (Value $197)
Monthly Social Media Calendar At A Glance
One of the struggles of social media marketing is keeping track of what you are going to post, when you are going to post it and where you will post it. Use this schedule to create your monthly social media plan and easily keep track of what you have done and have not done.  (Value $197)
Facebook Post BluePrint
Facebook Post Blueprint:
21 Ideas To Get You Started
Do you ever open Facebook and wonder what you should post? You might feel like you need to be funny or inspirational or witty but you just don't have a clue what to post. This blueprint includes ideas to help you not only know what to post but also know how to come up with engaging post that get shared.        (Value $197)
LinkedIn Planner
The LinkedIn Planner:
How to Gain Massive Visibility on LinkedIn
It might just be the most valuable, least talked about - and let's face it, underused - social network available to you. With over 332 Million users, LinkedIn creates a lot of opportunity for you to connect with your market, joint venture partners and sub-contractors. The LinkedIn Planner will help you to design a strategy to not only build your community but also build a relationship that helps you convert that community into new clients.  (Value $197)
That's a Total Value of $985

With these 5 planners you will not only build a social media strategy, you will also understand how social media marketing works in your business.

You could take this content and get massive exposure and new clients.
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Social Media Success Planner
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Only $97
30 Day Money Back  Guarantee!

In 5 Days I Have Added 300 People to My List

"The list building exercise Michele and I decided to do this year were quarterly challenges for my company. So far SO GOOD In 5 days I have increased my list by 300 and my social media is blowing up!!! Thanks Michele Scism YOU ALWAYS KNOW BEST!!!" 
                                                                                                                         -  Valorie Hubbard, 
Valorie Hubbard
But Wait There Is More.....

Special Bonuses I Added Just For You!
Facebook Conversation Starter
10 Facebook Conversation Starters
Do you ever log into Facebook and stare at the update box wondering what to say? You want to be interesting and engage your audience. But what do you say? Here are some great discussion starters for your personal profile and your fan page.  (Value $197)
13 Master Checklists for Online Business Success
13 Master Checklists for 
Online Business Success
Building a business is not for the faint of heart. It requires tenacity, guts and a commitment to doing what it takes. That means focusing on the systems and processes that build a solid foundation. In this report you will find 13 business checklists. Everything from a branding checklist to sales funnel checklists.  (Value $197)
50 Website Must Haves to Attract High Paying Clients
50 Website Must Haves to Attract 
High Paying Clients
Your website is your storefront. In many cases it provides a prospect’s first impression of your company. You know what they say about first impressions; you can only make one and it better count. The good news is that keeping in mind a few fundamentals and making a few simple tweaks to your website can take it from bland to brilliant. You can create a website that attracts visitors, converts clients, and helps you build a prosperous and exciting business.   (Value $197)
With the Bonuses That's a Total Value Over $1,500
Grab Your Copy Of
Social Media Success Planner
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Only $97
30 Day Money Back  Guarantee!
Being consistent and persistent on social media will change your business!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

At Decisive Minds we are committed to your success. So much so that we will give you up to 30 days to work through these planners. If you put the plans into process and they do not work simply send us a detailed description of what you did and request a refund. No questions asked. 
Grab Your Copy Of
Social Media Success Planner
Yours Now for
Only $97 
30 Day Money Back  Guarantee!
P.S. - if you're skimming and just wanted to see what the offer was... for just $97, you're getting Michele's "Social Media Success Bundle" - including blueprints, planners and schedulers that will help you get massive visibility and new clients.                     4845 Lake Street #125, Lake Charles, LA 70605                         337-419-1860