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Take the Risks or Get A Job
How to step into what it takes to be a Successful Entrepreneur!
Building a business takes guts and determination!
Is your business growing but you’re still stuck in the struggle?  Do you always seem to just pull it off each month? Have you bought into the lies and hype that all you need to have a successful business is passion, a dream or a desire?
The fact is that businesses are failing at an alarming rate because entrepreneurs are AFRAID, CHEAP and LAZY! To be successful, YOU must learn to take the risks or you will have to get a job.
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 Michele is updating Take The Risks or Get A Job!
 You heard us right! Since first writing the book in 2014, Michele has spoken with thousands of small business owners and they have asked for even more. More tips. More ideas. More money making! 

So, the new 2.0 version of the book will be launching in early 2018 and you will be the first to get a personally signed copy

Simply place your pre-order today and not only receive the newest version of the book but you will also receive all of the amazing bonuses listed below.
 Here's What Other People Are Saying About
"Take the Risks or Get a Job!" on...
If You Aren't Willing to Do What it Takes to Build A Successful Business Then This Book is NOT For You! 
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Even more.....
 Here's What Other People Are Saying About
"Take the Risks or Get a Job!" on...
Here's What You'll Learn From This Amazing Book:
  • How Michele went from the moment that the bank called demanding their $1.5 Million back to selling that same company for $9 Million.
  • What You, Warren Buffet and Oprah have in common!
  • How to know exactly what your customer wants and better yet, have your customer understand that you are the best solution for their problem.
  • Why competing on PRICE is the ultimate loosing battle!
  • Find out the Top 7 Time Suckers for Entrepreneurs (and make sure they aren't costing you money)!
  • Discover the Top 7 Money Making To Do's that should be the focus for every small business owner! 
  • Find out why Michele says "Entrepreneurs are Afraid, Cheap and Lazy" (it might not be what you think)!
  • How to become Bottom-Line Focused and start making more money in your business.
As a serial entrepreneur, business consultant, international speaker, and author Michele (Scism) Mere knows what it takes to succeed in business. Michele has created, built and sold businesses worth millions of dollars. 

She took her current business, Decisive Minds, from Zero to over $500,000 in less than 4 years.
In Take the Risks or Get a Job, Michele reveals that entrepreneurs are facing an epidemic - They are Broke

The good news is that this is self-made and as such is fixable. The bad news is that this is self-made and as such is hard to fix because what you have done to get here isn’t going to be what it takes to fix it. If you are looking for that get rich quick with a 4 hour work week B.S., you’re in the wrong place. 

 If you are resigned to blame your circumstances; then you might have a problem with this book. If you are committed to doing what it takes to make more money than you could have ever imagined then this is the book for you. Oh, in Take the Risks or Get a Job, Michele tells the story of the day the bank called and asked for their $1.5 million dollars back and how 15 years later she sold that company for $9 million dollars. 

Michele shares the secrets she learned and experiences she had over decades of successful entrepreneurial experience. 
Don't Miss These Bonuses!
Business Building Bootcamp 
In The Business Building Boot Camp I taught entrepreneurs (just like you), how to implement the Decisive Minds Method to help you create more sales and revenue in your business! 
Imagine having a business that consistently makes money and is making a huge difference in the lives of your clients. At the same time it allows you to be able to spend time with your family and have the free time to travel or garden or relax. 
You can do that if you have a systematic and complete plan to bring clients and cash flow into your business, and are not having to worry about getting the next customer in the door. (Value $197)
The Actual 21-Page Marketing Plan We Use!  
At Decisive Minds we use several different marketing strategies. To make it easier to keep track of what is going on, I paid $2,000 to have a very in depth marketing document created

We use this document for every promotion that we do. You are going to get the actual marketing plan used for the original Business Building Bootcamp. It includes all blog posts, emails and social media campaigns. (Value $2,000)
Master Your Mindset & Creation Statement 
Video Training 
It’s too hard, I just want to quit and I feel like a failure. Over and over people come to me with this since of defeat. 

Here’s the good news, there is a way out, it can be resolved, and you can win. Success is so often right in front of you, yet you can’t see it. What if it can all be changed with just three easy steps and these steps are right at your finger tips? Master Your Mindset Video Training is your guide and practices into these three powerful steps. 

By Belanie Dishong, Live At Choice (Value $147)
WordPress Security Course  
Is your website protected from the multitude of things that could go wrong? In fact, with the WordPress Security Course, you will: 
*Find out the "25 Most Common Passwords" so you can AVOID them. 
*Discover how to think like a Hacker so you can prevent them from breaking into your site. 
*Learn about FREE Plugins to keep out Hackers
*Learn in English – No Techie Talk here – easy to understand for anyone. 
*Apply this to as many of your websites as you want! 

By Paul Taubman, Digital Maestro (Value $147)
PR Mastery - How to Use Social Media to Get Publicity  
Are you tired of being the best kept secret in town. Have you been trying to figure out how you are going to get known in your industry? It's time for you to commit to higher ambitions, to breaking through and being seen outside of your circle, to becoming known so you can have the recognition and the clients you deserve. In this program you will learn how to use social media to get the publicity your business needs.

By Sandy Lawrence, Perceptive Public Relations (Value $97)
12 Brand Components of a
Million Dollar Business 
When you say YES to winning the INNER GAME of your brand before you design the OUTER GAME with your branding, THAT creates the winning combination. It creates a higher perceived value not only within you, but also in the eyes of your ideal clients. This directly impacts the money you make and the growth of your business.

By Jena Rodriguez, Brave Masters (Value $97)
Market Your Business In 30 Minutes a Day 
or Less Video Series 
Is it really possible to take care of your business marketing the same amount of time it takes you to catch up on Game of Thrones or House of Cards? Yep, not only is it possible, creating a 30 minute a day marketing plan will help you grow your business even faster.
In Market Your Business in 30 Minutes A Day or Less you'll learn:
*Why you aren’t attracting enough of the right clients to your business; 
* The best marketing tactics for your type of business and your personality so you won't waste time on the wrong thing;
*A 30-minute marketing plan that allows you to have more time to work with your clients and make more money.

By Meredith Eisenberg, TimeTraders Club (Value $197)
The Secrets of Writing a Book
You've wanted to write a book but don't know where to start. In Secrets of Writing a Book, Pat Iyer gives you a step by step process for getting started. You'll learn shortcuts of how to use your existing material, how to write a chapter, and whether you should consider having a coauthor.
Pat Iyer is an experienced author who has written or edited over 800 chapters, books, articles, case studies or online courses. (Value $17)
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